It’s time to garden!

Are you interested in gardening beyond your balcony? Would you like to help us make VBTG bloom all summer? How about an herb garden?

Solar Thermal Pool Heating

In 2009, our pool became heated by the sun, saving the VBTG over $4,000/year in electricity.

Little idea big reward:

Working with our Building Manager the Green Initiatives team tackled a reduction of laundry costs and energy consumption.

The laundry operators “Coin-o-matic” will install new energy efficient washer and dryers at no cost to the VBTG. It is anticipated that the new machines will save over $4,000 annually in Sewage / Water / Electricity.

The price of laundry will also be reduced $.50 for residents using cold, energy efficient loads and rise incrementally for hot, energy consuming loads. Because the Village by the Grange incorporates over 570 units the savings we can make through little efforts is exponential. If you are interested in being part of the Green Initiatives team or have little ideas with big rewards contact Building Management and start participating in making your building greener.

Concerns or Issues?

Board and management are looking for suggestions to improve living in our community.
Please note: this is NOT a complaint box, but the board is committed to reviewing all your suggestions.

Email any suggestions you may have