Management on behalf of your Board of Directors would like to take this opportunity update you on a few important projects and recent issues. If you have questions arising from the content of this bulletin, please contact the management office for assistance.

Wall Restoration Project  

The wall restoration project is ongoing. The contractor, SST Group, has completed the work on 53, 73 and 105 McCaul Street and all townhouses. The work is ongoing on the east façade parapet wall of 89 McCaul Street. All scaffolds has been removed from the podium level and east façade of 53 McCaul street. The deficiencies will be completed this year. The project is running on the schedule and is tracking on the budget.


New Cameras on the podium level

The contractor, Security Management Services is working on installation of 8 new cameras on the second floor podium level. The new cameras will cover all podium level entrances and all second floor building entrances and will increase the safety for all residents.


Rules Regarding the Tenancy and Occupation of Units

Management sent new rules, regarding the tenancy and occupation of units, to all unit owners on December 5, 2016. The Condominium Act, Section 58, Subsection 7(b) states that the rule becomes effective 30 days after the notice of rule has been given to the unit owners, and no requisition for a meeting regarding the rule has been received by the board of directors. Since the management did not received any requisition for the meeting under the section 46 within 30 days, the New Rules, regarding tenancy and occupation of units, becomes effective on January 9, 2017.


An Important Reminder about Insurance

The Corporation carries insurance for the building and all common elements, but owners are required to carry individual coverage for their unit, including any upgrades. The Corporation’s policy carries a $25K deductible for any water related damage, and a $10K deductible for any other loss.  Please review your policy to ensure you have appropriate coverage to cover these deductible amounts.  Tenants are also encouraged to carry contents insurance as your landlord’s policy will not cover your personal contents.